Product Authentication and Tracking


When you work with JPatton to create a full-service brand authentication system, you are protecting your products, your brand and your customers.
  • Anti-Counterfeit Technology – JPatton’s authentication process is virtually impossible to counterfeit.
  • Direct Access Tracking – By combining our holographic security labels with digitally printed codes, we can accurately track products, protecting your inventory and maintaining your brand authenticity.
  • Track and Trace System – Linking our counterfeit-proof marking features with accurate product tracing creates a transparent logistics chain, providing effective grey-market protection.

Track and Trace

JPatton’s Track and Trace System provides mobile product verification and item tracking throughout the supply chain.
  • Uses secure cloud-based servers.
  • Reports up-to-date information through smartphones, tablets and desktop units.
  • Provides additional data fields that can record the origin of the trace by geographic location or even specific retail location.
  • Presents information in report form, helping determine patterns or locations that may be repeat offenders.


Micro-allocation offers your brand the opportunity to tie the serial number of each label to a product description and picture. This allows consumers to authenticate and know exactly what the product should be.

Verification Purchasing

After JPatton identifies high-risk websites, we purchase the suspected counterfeit product, analyze the security marker and serial number to verify authenticity, and trace the movement of the item to track possible diversion within the supply chain. If the product is determined to be counterfeit, we will prepare an evidential package for enforcement and possible litigation.