Elevating brand identity and direct to consumer marketing strengthens customer loyalty.

Differentiating your brand from the competition is vital to your success. A strong brand identity can reinforce loyalty and influence consumer’s buying decisions. Therefore, your apparel trim should support your brand strategy. High quality printing, distinctive design, and unique materials will distinguish your products in the retail market.

We specialize in printed labels and hang tags, woven labels, leather patches, pocket flashers, stickers, heat transfers, identity threads, and security seal products. Overt, covert and forensics security elements can be added to these products for authentication purposes.

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Brand authentication, product authentication, and brand protection are all important aspects of the services JPatton offers with its branded prime labels. Prime labels are meant to showcase not only your product, but to be a defining symbol of who you are to the world. You want to work with a label and distribution source with a worthy reputation that you can really trust to not only create quality labels, but who understands the intricacies of authentic branding.

JPatton's branded prime labels provide greater potential in marketing, as well as manufacturing, that enhances the image and the products sold under each brand. To have the peace of mind of a reliable product, as well as a thorough understanding of distribution and branding legalities, you should be sure to choose a seasoned expert in brand authentication and security labels. Trusting JPatton with your holographic security labels and brand authentication needs is trusting in a system that’s been proven to work.